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The Future of Prosperity blog brings together the latest news and resources around global prosperity and development issues. Here you will also find information about UCL’s recently launched MSc in Global Prosperity, an unique postgraduate course that will be the platform for building a global community of entrepreneurs dedicated to solving the world’s most challenging problems through innovative strategies.


The UCL Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP) aims to transform how we make decisions, the kinds of evidence and reasoning on which our decisions are based, and the cultural, legal and policy tools we have at our disposal. We believe that, to achieve this vision, societies must transform how they conceptualise and reach decisions affecting prosperity.

The IGP’s work sets out to build new partnerships and generate new ideas to make prosperity happen for communities around the globe. Our innovative mixed methods draw together cutting edge academic thinking from a range of disciplines with social and technical innovation to improve our evidence, reasoning and decision-making about how to build a gobally prosperous future. With these insights, we work with communities and a range of partners to challenge assumptions, reframe questions and develop new approaches.

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Blog Contributors

 Tuukka Toivonen Disk

Tuukka Toivonen

Programme Director

Tuukka believes in the power of collective creativity to make the world a better place. His work is geared towards finding innovative paths towards sustainability, making it easier for people to naturally do the right thing, not only for themselves, but for society. Originally from Finland, he graduated from Oxford University and before joining UCL lived in Japan for many years, where he learned the art of making a fantastic cup of green tea.

What Prosperity Means to Me: People’s ability to live a full and happy life without harming others or wrecking the planet.


 Dr Matthew Davies Disk

Matt Davies

MSc Co-convenor

Matt was once the proud owner of a possessed Landrover (ask him about it). He believes that getting people to be less fearful of difference is key to making the world a better place, and that education and research are the keys to achieving this.

What Prosperity Means to Me: Beer and Chips (or pombe na nyama choma) and the realisation of hopes, dreams and happiness for all.


 Saffron Woodcraft Disk

Saffron Woodcraft

IGP Researcher

Saffron’s research looks at social sustainability and community issues through the spectrum of East London urban families, and how the communities around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park were imagined, planned, designed and inhabited. How do these new urban neighbourhoods represent political narratives about what a 21st century city should be? Can Utopian planning actually make these environments a better place for real people to live in?

What Prosperity Means to Me: Developing solutions that have a real impact on improving the lives of local communities.


 Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 16.44.31

Julia Oertli

Research Coordinator

Julia has a background in anthropology and is passionate about putting systems within the context of human experiences. Her research looks at the invisible, unpredictable, serendipitous connections that can happen between ideas when people meet face to face. She volunteers with Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP), a global network that creates opportunities for academic research to feed into public and policy discourse, and is currently working on a publication featuring different perspectives on systemic change.

What Prosperity Means to Me: To move away from a scarcity mindset into one of abundance. Abundance not in terms of material resources/economic growth, but of time, ideas, stories, connection and imagination.


 Alice Bonasio Disk

Alice Bonasio

Creative Outreach Officer

With a background in academia – investigating such intriguing subjects as ‘what makes creative people tick’ and ‘how videogames can help us learn’ – Alice then went down the rabbit hole to spend the last decade or so immersed in the start-up world. Meanwhile she also worked as a write and published stories for The Next Web, Huffington Post, Newsweek, GamesTM, Edge and even Playboy. She is fascinated about the prospect of bringing together academics and entrepreneurs to make the world a better place.

What Prosperity Means to Me: To have enough information and resources to take charge of your own destiny. Empowering people to become better and to improve the lives of others in the process.